Civil Engineering Course Series: Bar Bending Solution Using Auto Rebar Tool

Hello, I am Asad Ali, I will be your instructor in this course. I have over 8 years of experience as a quantity surveyor in Multinational firms after my Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. The name of the course bar bending schedule using AutoRebar is one of the tool that will make your life much easy and you will improve the productivity. Further, it is a tool compatible with both new in this field and also for those who fed up from traditional calculation methods.

So what we learn in this course? First, I divided this course into five sections that will help you build a basic knowledge and further enables you to pick the advance concepts. This course mainly focuses on practical computation of bars in RCC building structure like Foundations, beams, column, stairs and slab. Using software will further make super easy for you. This course will not only limit to the software introduction but for conceptual understanding I will describe the theoretical aspects throughout the course.

For Full Course, follow the link below

I welcome you all in this course that will add up some new skills in your career journey.

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